Alphabet Beads Letter Beads Charms

Explore the creative world of alphabet beads, commonly called letter beads.  These beads are made from a variety of materials including sterling silver, pewter as well as wood and colorful plastic.  Use these beads to make name bracelets, friendship bracelets or gifts for newborns.

alphabet-beadThe most common way to make these bracelets is using elastic so they stretch instead of using clasps at each end of the bracelet.  This is a great project for kids but don’t for a minute imagine that alphabet or letter beads are only for kids.

Key Chains and Friendship Bracelets

These beads can be used to adorn clothing, for key chains and for bags.  Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to creating with these fun beads.  The best are ones with contrasting letter colors so they show up better.

Imagine the delight when a new Mother receives a bracelet with her new baby girl’s name on it?  What a beautiful way to memorialize this truly special event.

alphabet-bead-braceletTo make a name bracelet simply follow the easy instructions below.


Beading Thread
Bracelet Clasps (optional)

Select the size of thread that will fit the hole in our selected beads.  Make sure that the elastic is not too thin.  If the bead holes are too small, use other beads or change you design to include some regular beading wire.

Measure your wrist and add a little to the length to allow for the beads, adding more if the beads are chunky.

Lay your beads out in the order that you will want them in your bracelet design. Use a beading board or cloth to prevent them from rolling around or off the table.

Stretch out your elastic once before measuring it to avoid spaces between your beads.  Make a knot at the end of your elastic or put in a stop bead.

String the remaining beads and when you are done measure with your wrist but be sure to hang on to the elastic so you do not lose all your beads. Add or remove beads so it fits comfortably on your wrist.

Tie a secure not, using a surgeon’s knot works great.  Cut of excess and stop bead if you used one.

Put a drop of glue on the knot.

Enjoy your new fashion statement using alphabet beads!