Swarovski Crystal Beads For Jewelry Making

swarovski pave beadSwarovski crystals and rhinestones were originally created by Daniel Swarovski in the 19th century by a patented technique for precision glass cutting and polishing which makes Swarvoski crystal beads perfect for jewelry making.  They have a much higher lead content than other rhinestones and this higher lead content increases the refraction index making the Swarovski crystals and rhinestones sparkle more than conventional glass rhinestones.

Swarovski rhinestones and crystals are regarded as the finest available and are used by approximately 85% of jewelry makers as well as many in the fashion industry.  The uses are limited only by your imagination – from fingernail bling and sparkling jewelry to bling covered high heels. Imagine a design and there is a crystal that is just perfect for your creation.

Available in bicones, rounds, rondelles, minis, pearls, and large hole beads in an almost endless variety of delicious colors to create a stunning array of sparkling jewels for your pleasure.   And, of course, you can’t forget the popular flatbacks, pendants, and buttons.  With Swarovski crystal beads you can truly let your imagination run wild and everything will turn out sparkling!