Unique Beads For Jewelry Making – The Choices Are Unlimited

During the Victorian age in Europe, beads for making handcrafted beaded fashion jewelry started taking the shapes that would be really familiar to those of us who use fashion jewelry today. Fashion jewelry has played such an important role in our history, it is no wonder that beads and jewelry is such a crucial part of myths and legends throughout history.

The selection of modern beads for jewelry making has grown with technology to become truly breathtaking! You have natural stones, sparkling crystals, artisan created lampwork beads, seed beads, Delicas, Miyuki, Swarovski and the list could go on and on. Adding vintage beads to the modern selection truly gives the handmade jewerly artisan and unlimited array of choices to make a truly unique piece of jewelry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options available in the main categories of beads for jewelry.

Popular Natural Gemstone Beads
Agate Beads
Amber Beads
Amethyst Beads
Black Onyx Beads
Coral Beads
Garnet Beads
Jade Beads
Jasper Beads
Moonstone Beads
Mother of Pearl Beads
Opal Beads
Rose Quartz Beads
Smoky Quartz Beads
Turquoise Beads
Seed Beads
Delica Seed Beads
TOHO Seed Beads
Dyna Mites Seed Beads
Czech Seed Beads
Miyuki Seed Beads
Preciosa Seed Beads
MingTree Seed Beads

Take any of the above beads and add a custom pendant to create a truly unique beaded necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. There is also the option of using handmade beads such as lampwork beads for that stunning look you pictured in your mind.

Or perhaps a wooden bead or pendant would be what the designer pictured. Lampwork beads come in all colors, some with very intricate designs and wood beads come in fancy natural woods and painted as well. If you want a more earthy or bohemian look you might try some of the following beads: Polymer Clay Beads Stoneware Clay Beads Ceramic Beads African Trade Beads How about some Irish linen thread or hemp string to complete the one of a kind artisan creation you are designing. Remember you are only limited by your imagination! Be sure to check our website for other ideas and resources for beads for jewelry making.